Eivind V. Kallevik, M.Sc. and business analyst

Eivind researches high quality companies that earn well above average return on capital. And he searches especially for those which hold a competitive advantage. As a private investor who invests in those kind of opportunities, he has achieved an annual return of approximately 18%+ since beginning of 2016.

He gets his financial information from the following service (affiliate),
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Eivind's broker statement report from January 1st 2016 below.

Looking to hire professional investment help? 

Every client of mine that I have been an advisor for has gained 22% or more annually the last three years (from 2020 to 2023).

Are you working in a company looking to diversify into the stock market, or are you a Professional Investor / Accredited Investor in the EU and interested in hiring an investment manager? Feel free to contact me, and we can discuss how I can be of service to you. You can also get insights into my track record for the last eight years, and get to ask any questions you may have.

I can provide you with documentation of the track record in a personal meeting, as well as give you my references.

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